The Federation Business Data Lake

The Federation Business Data Lake

Posted on March 24, 2015 by TheStorageChap in Big Data and Analytics, Data Lake

The businesses’ requirement of IT is changing at such a significant rate that the ability for them to keep pace is becoming increasingly difficult. Now more than every before IT departments are being expected to live up to their name and provide Technology and capabilities that enable the business to get actionable insight from Information. Insight that needs to be achieved in realtime and in context, not from a spreadsheet a week after the event.

Business is demanding that the IT department:-

  1. Gather as much data as possible – including capturing the “digital exhaust” – data that previously may have been disregarded but now may provide invaluable context.
  2. Leverage new analytical capabilities to help the business make better decisions and predict the future.
  3. Build new applications, products and business models that can result in immediate business value.

But IT departments are struggling to adapt from their enterprise data warehouse mentality to agile, faster, more scalable processes in which each business unit contributes to and uses the available data assets independently. Where as BI/DW generally surfaced historical data in the form of charts and spreadsheets. Data Science surfaces realtime data in applications that enable realtime process optimisation.

The Federation Business Data Lake can make this fundamental change significantly easier for IT. A pre-engineered, pre-tested, extensionable platform that utilise best of breed products from a Federation of companies provides:-

  1. Simplicity – By removing the complexity of integrating disparate hardware and software
  2. Agility – By enabling IT to respond to change and requests quickly, eliminating the need for “Shadow IT”
  3. Business Value – Business Outcome driven solutions with immediate value propositions and positive ROI

Federation Business Data Lake

Rather than spending time designing, building and testing the underlying infrastructure, organisations can deploy the Federation Business Data Lake to store, analyse, surface and act upon an organisations most valuable asset, their data.

The Federation Business Data Lake accelerates customers on their Big Data and Analytics journey allowing them to skip the time consuming technology showdown and instead focus on investigating what Big Data and Analytics could do for their business; through a Big Data Vision Workshop, or by proving the value of Big Data, Analytics and Applications through a more extensive engagement with Pivotal Labs.

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