EMC VMAX Cloud Edition

EMC VMAX Cloud Edition

Posted on February 26, 2013 by TheStorageChap in Automation, Cloud, VMAX Cloud Edition

VMAX Cloud EditionToday EMC publicly announces VMAX Cloud Edition. Those of you familiar with VMAX SP (Service Provider) will be aware of some similarities. VMAX SP has been rebranded VMAX Cloud Edition. Why? Simply because the proposition of VMAX Cloud Edition is equally applicable to enterprise and mid-market customers as it is to Service Providers. Alongside, modernising disaster recovery into resilience, private, public and hybrid cloud environments are at the forefront of customers’ minds as they look for ways to reduce both capital and operational expenses whilst also increasing storage and application availability.

Enterprise storage and it’s management is beginning a shift away from the current norm of intense operational management that requires teams of storage administrators to manage the storage and connectivity; to self-service, portal driven solutions that provide tiers of self-tuning, self-optimising storage.

In conjunction organisations are starting to look at their data storage and application requirements and choose the most appropriate service for that data and application. For example object based storage, accessible over the internet, provided by external service providers who guarantee availability is fast becoming the norm for file services that were once housed on large file servers or NAS devices; effectively the Public Cloud. Conversely mission critical, data sensitive applications are being architected with Private Cloud strategies in mind. These in-house Private Clouds need to use cloud based principles of self service and leverage complementary technologies to distribute the storage and applications across data centres to enable availability.

VMAX Cloud Edition is the first self-service, enterprise-class, storage delivery platform, that accelerates time-to-value for enterprise and Service Provider’s private, hybrid, and public clouds. It is a new building block approach that leverages EMC’s proven Symmetrix storage technology melded with a self-service portal, pre-configured service level catalog, pre-packaged (but customisable) usage, performance and chargeback reporting and REST APIs for even greater integration and automation, all backed by a linear and predictable pricing model.  A VMAX Cloud Edition can start at 50TB and scale to 10PB.


The value proposition of VMAX Cloud Edition is enabling organisations to reduce operational costs, accelerate service delivery and improve service levels. In today’s cost constrained climate where businesses need to remain agile and flexible to capitalise on new markets, the question is not why would you use VMAX Cloud Edition, but rather why wouldn’t you.

You might be wondering why it is that I am talking about VMAX Cloud Edition in my specific blog. Well actually there are two reasons.

Firstly in the not so distant future we hope to include VPLEX and RecoverPoint integration into VMAX Cloud Edition. Imagine a consumer allocating capacity from a predefined tier that includes continuous storage availability enabled by VPLEX across two data centres, or from a tier that uses RecoverPoint CRR for asynchronous replication over distance, or includes granular corruption protection enabled by RecoverPoint CDP.

Secondly my team is actually going to be taking on responsibility for promoting VMAX Cloud Edition based solutions, so you can expect a lot more coverage of VMAX Cloud Edition within my blog over the coming months.

Find out more during our launch event.

WHAT: VMAX Cloud Edition Launch Event

WHEN: February 26, 11 AM EST (8 AM PST)

WHERE: Online